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Block Diagram of Spartan 3E Starter Kit

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Hi there, this is KK, newbie to FPGA technology.


I just start a project using Spartan 3E starter kit to control 10x10 LED matrix, to display animation.

My supervisor fisrt asked me to draw a Block Diagram to show how I design, and show how or where the signal goes.


I have been looking  at the SPARTAN 3E userguide and Starer Kit userguide, also google, for quite a long time. I am a little bit obstructed here.


Would anyone show me a Block Diagram showing how the data and signal is transfered, from PC to RS232, and the final output port will be Hirose 100-pin  Expansion Connector (J3) on the starter kit board.


Or could anyone give me an idea how it is.



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