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ZC702 Base TRD on 2018.2

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ZC702 Base TRD on 2018.2

Has anyone successfully built the ZC702 Base TRD on Vivado Release 2018.2? I have tried and failed (miserably) I then reverted to Vivado 2015.2 (despite the installer trying to persuade me to upgrade) and this also fails miserably. I don't really care what versions I am using but I simply cannot get this to work seamlessly with the board and also with MATLAB.


Can someone recommend the following:


Vivado Version

Matlab Version

TRD Version


Or alternatively could someone point me towards a resource for getting the latest version of Vivado to build the TRD?



Bob Strunz

Xilinx Employee
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Re: ZC702 Base TRD on 2018.2

Hi @strunzb


Following links might help you :









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Re: ZC702 Base TRD on 2018.2

What exactly are you trying to do with the ZC702 from MATLAB?


Are you looking to target the board with generated HDL? Use System Generator for DSP? Just transfer data? Different use cases will have different version implications.


Information on connecting MATLAB and Simulink to the ZC702 can be found at mathworks.com/zynq.

Information on compatible versions of Vivado Design Suite for a given version of MATLAB can be found in the HDL Coder release notes (look for the "updates to supported software" line items).

Information on compatible version of MATLAB for a given version of Vivado System Generator can be found at https://www.xilinx.com/support/answers/55830.html.