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ZC706 PCIe TRD Linux not booting from SPI flash

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Registered: ‎04-13-2017

ZC706 PCIe TRD Linux not booting from SPI flash


   I have a ZC706 and am trying to run the PCIe TRD (2015.4). I've successfully booted linux from the SD card which then copies the boot files to SPI Flash. After updating the SD card with the TRD application (contents of ready_to_test/sd_image folder), changing the SW11 to boot from SPI flash, and power cycling, I get stuck in u-boot with the printout below. I'm not sure what else to try here, and apparently am not important enough to be able to open a service request for this technical issue. Can someone help?


Copying Linux from QSPI flash to RAM...
SF: Detected S25FL128S_64K with page size 512 Bytes, erase size 128 KiB, total B
device 0 offset 0xa00000, size 0xa00000                                        
SF: 10485760 bytes @ 0xa00000 Read: OK                                         
device 0 offset 0x1400000, size 0x80000                                        
SF: 524288 bytes @ 0x1400000 Read: OK                                          
Copying ramdisk...                                                             
Size exceeds partition or device limit                                         
sf - SPI flash sub-system                                                      
sf probe [[bus:]cs] [hz] [mode] - init flash device on given SPI bus           
                                  and chip select                              
sf read addr offset|partition len       - read `len' bytes starting at         
                                          `offset' or from start of mtd        
                                          `partition'to memory at `addr'       
sf write addr offset|partition len      - write `len' bytes from memory        
                                          at `addr' to flash at `offset'       
                                          or to start of mtd `partition'       
sf erase offset|partition [+]len        - erase `len' bytes from `offset'      
                                          or from start of mtd `partition'     
                                         `+len' round up `len' to block size   
sf update addr offset|partition len     - erase and write `len' bytes from memoy
                                          at `addr' to flash at `offset'       
                                          or to start of mtd `partition'       


P.S. I've seen the post at post 683732 and there was no resolution or even comment by a moderator / Xilinx employee.