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Registered: ‎12-17-2016

ADALM-PLUTO SDR Board Programming Flash with Stanalone Code

Dear all,

I am trying to program the flash of Pluto SDR board from Analog Devices with Xilinx Z7010 SoC.

It comes by default with U-Boot Linux and I want to program a standalone firmware as we normally do on any generic xilinx device.
There isn't any guide available as to how to do the same.

Some sectors of the Flash are write protected which don't allow flashing a bin file from SDK.

It has a DFU mode for updating its firmware but I don't know how to use the same to flash a standalone firmware.

Can any one provide some pointers as to how it can be done. Analog Devices have told that though it is possible, it doesn't come into their scope.



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