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Registered: ‎07-27-2017

Anvyl Spartan-6 FPGA Trainer Board Ethernet connection

I will brief how I proceeded with the project and what problems I faced? I am using Anvyl Demo for Ethernet for this project. 


I started with Run DRCs in EDK and then to Generate Netlist.  After obtaining XST Completed with no errors with a few warnings, I proceeded to Generate Bitstream. After completing the Generate Bitstream with no errors, I proceeded to Export Design & Launch SDK. I regenerated the whole BSP and project. The elf is well generated and I added the generated elf file to Imp Executable of Microblaze in EDK (XPS).



 Then, I Update Bitstream so that elf and bit files are linked and Download Bitstream to the FPGA. I configured the IPV4 settings on my laptop to the following as per the Anvyl_demo_doc.pdf. As per main.c, IP address of the FPGA is


Opening XMD and executing ping, I got like below.

I also tried the other way also. Download Bitstream without attaching an elf file and then Program FPGA after building the project in SDK. But the result remains same.


I expect a reply from if the project is compiled or the configuration is in the correct way. Please help me in finding where I made a trouble and how to rectify it.

Thanks in advance.

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