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Newbie harusht
Registered: ‎11-17-2019

Can I use differential HSTL 1.2 V to drive LVDS?


i want to connect mipi camera via FMC connector in the Xilinx ZCU106 EVB (w MPsoc Uscale+).

in order to do so, i need to configure the FMC voltage banks to 1.2V (FMC_Vref). this is why i have this 1.2V limitation...

i also need to output via the FMC connector Camera link, meaning using LVDS.

can i use diff HSTL 1.2V from the MPSoC to drive LVDS (actually, the diff HSTL will drive an LVDS cable driver reciver - DS25BR440).




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Scholar drjohnsmith
Registered: ‎07-09-2009

Re: Can I use differential HSTL 1.2 V to drive LVDS?

What you need to do is check :

   the transmiter has a V0h and VoL max and min

      the receiver has VIh and VIl max and min,

Look here for TTL as an example


You draw two vertical  lines like in the first diagram, 

     add to that the range that the transmiter can drive over , and the reciver can receive over,

         if the two overlap , like in the picture, then you have a workign system,

Remeber the termination, as its differential and fast





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