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Registered: ‎10-04-2018

Can't upgrade ip's. license issue for locked IP on ZCU104.

This post title is almost the same as another post, with the name "license issue for locked IP" which is here

The reason that I post anew is that the solution tried in the above post did not work for me, which was a re-install of the project.

I have a ZCU104 and have found two ip's which require a license upgrade. Specifically, when I "check_ip_status" the results for the two ip's are "unlicensed Upgrade IP, check IP license". The ip's are "zcu104_rv_ss_mipi_csi2_rx_subsystem_0_0" and  " bd_23e3_rx_0".

The license files that I have are, one that was included with my zcu104 purchase and another that I just got on a 60 day eval, just in case. Both have the same effect. The environmental variable XILINXD_LICENSE_FILE is set to the correct directory and since I don't get an error, I expect that it is being found.

I have found the ip file in question, zcu104_rv_ss_mipi_csi2_rx_subsystem_0_0, in zcu104-rv-ss-2018-3/petalinux/bsp_2/zcu104_rv_ss/zcu104_rv_ss.srcs/sources_1/bd/zcu104_rv_ss/ip. 

I have attempted to upgrade the ip's [upgrade_ip] or [update_ip_catalog] or several other combinations as suggested in "Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Designing with IP UG896" but without successful result. I received an error:

ERROR: [Common 17-163] Missing value for option 'objects', please type 'upgrade_ip -help' for usage info.

One other thing that I should mention is that when I entered the TCL command "report_ip_status" the result was not a "live" report but something like a pdf printout. I had read in other posts that this should give the user an option to "click" on options like "upgrade" etc.


Thank You



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