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Newbie optoelectro
Registered: ‎06-26-2012

Configuration through the JTAG with Virtex 4


We have have bought a Data Capture Board with a Virtex 4 on it from Analog Devices. Now basicly it working as a FIFO with certain configuration from them. 


Our goal is to use this board as a real dsp which will do some simple calculation on the data captured from a ADC (also from analog devices). Their Board offers JTAG method to customize the configuration of the FPGA. 


My question is after I succefully configured the board, how could I read out or transfer the data to my Labview program through USB?

Right now, from the Analog Devices I call the ".dll" file they provide to get the data to the labview. 


By the way, where can I find a the EEPROM and JTAG tool kits for virtex 4. 





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