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Registered: ‎01-15-2010

Coolrunner II CPLD (XC2C256) and PicoBlaze Help/Assistance!


I have downloaded the PicOBlaze core file ( from the xilix website. I have the ISE Design Suite 10.1 instaledl on my system. I would like to obtain some assistance in trying to understand how the PicOBlaze core works within the Coolrunner II CPLD. I have a idea on the inner working as I have gone through all of the files provided but I am trying to expand on it and increase my understanding.

In particular the purpose of the I/O strobe, and memory (RAM, ROM)

Although I am no expert, I have a good understanding of VHDL and its concepts as well as Assembly language.  If possible could you kindly provided with a simple guide or explanation on how the core works within the Coolrunner II CPLD. If possible could you suggest any resources that I may look at in order to better understand the working of the PicOBlaze core.

I find the PicOBlaze very interesting and very chanllenging at the same time. I am very keen on improving my undertanding of PicOBlaze. Any form of assistance will be of great help and greatly appreciated

Many thanks for your assistance,
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