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Visitor sm30
Registered: ‎10-09-2009

DAC interface with FPGA spartan 3e kit

Hi all,

        I am trying to interface with the dac(ltc2624) in built in spartan 3e evaluation board using vhdl code.I followed all the conventions as mentioned in the board manual and all the specified  signal waveforms are coming as per illustrated in it when I am checking it through the simulator.But when i am dumping my code into the fpga i am not getting the required output.I am trying to output a value in channel D,but in it i am constantly getting a value which is half the reference voltage value of that channel.I am using ISE web pack 10.1 IDE for development.There are 4 output of the dac viz. A,B,C,D where from initially at power on i am getting 1.6v,1.6v.1.27v and 1.27v respectively.when i am putting the clr input of the dac as logic low my output is still not becoming 0v.Does this goes to prove that the dac in the board is not working?But I encountered this in 2 spartan 3e board. Can anybody suggest how to debug this problem or someone who worked previously on dac interface  can help me in this regard.


Thanks in advance. 

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Observer scrts
Registered: ‎06-22-2009

Re: DAC interface with FPGA spartan 3e kit


I have recently uploaded my working code on opencores, also You can find it on my blog: http://www.socratesblog.eu

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