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Newbie daniesta
Registered: ‎11-09-2011

Different memory chip on Spartan-3AN starter kit board



I have the Spartan-3AN starter kit board here (Revision D) and want to use MIG for the onboard DDR2 RAM. This should be a MT47H32M16BN-3 but the marking on the package says it is a MT47H32M16HR-25E (looked up here: http://www.micron.com/support/fbga.html, FBGA code is D9LPX). This device however is not listed in Xilinx MIG. Can I implement the interface for the MT47H32M16BN-3 anyway or what do I have to do?


Thanks a lot for your help.


Kind regards


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Registered: ‎08-14-2007

Re: Different memory chip on Spartan-3AN starter kit board

Generally speaking, you can use a faster speed grade part without changing the design.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that the part was substituted due to

availability, but with the understanding that it is a form fit & function replacement for the

part listed on the BOM.


Micron's speed grade ratings are generally based on the maximum clock speed

coded as the minimum clock period in nanoseconds, or tenths of nanoseconds

as in the case of 25 (2.5ns).  The "E" suffix usually means that there is some

restriction in operating the device at the rated clock speed, for example you may

not be able to use the lowest CAS latency at this frequency.  However the part

is likely to run with lowest CAS latency at the slower rate of the original part.


You can get the device data sheets at the Micron site where you found the part number

decoder.  There are a lot of timing numbers, but if the -25E will run at 333 MHz

at the same CAS latency specified in the -3 part, then you should have no



-- Gabor

-- Gabor
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