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Visitor sharon.golan
Registered: ‎06-04-2018

Failure to have Headless OpenGL-ES context on ZynqUS+MPSoC (ZCU102)


Our GUI OpenGL-ES2.0 application works fine on ZCU102. It relies on TRD 2018.3 with EGL+X11
and this works without a problem.

Our operational target lacks DisplayPort HW, and after porting to this HW we found that X11 fails to run.
This as Xilinx BSP ties its graphics infrastructure to the DisplayPort (DP) circuitry/FW. X11/DRM seems
to depend on DP HW/FW existence.

This issue already triggered a topic in the forum :

When we disable DP in ZCU102 design, the trouble is reproduced also in our development setup.
According to Xilinx, starting from 2018.3 headless graphics is supported. But I failed to find any official
example source-code from Xilinx to demonstrate this capability.

Our attempts to make graphics work on ZCU102 without DP fail. We checked 2 paths:
- Wayland
In both we fail to pass the eglInitialize stage.

Any advice, or example source-code, will be much appreciated.

Thank you.

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