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Registered: ‎03-26-2009

How can I drive a single-ended clock to a DAC device from the SMA connector of the ML506?



I need help to use the FPGA clock to drive external devices.


I’m trying to use he SMA connectors of the ML506 like 33 MHz single-ended clock output. I know the SMA ports are able to generate a differential clock output, but it must be possible to use only one SMA ports like a single-ended output, doesn’t it?


I have already implemented the design but when I measure with the oscilloscope the clock output I only see a low level signal around 50 mV amplitude.

Could the measurement device cause this error? The oscilloscope has a 100 MHz input bandwidth.

Moreover, I tried to connect the signal to the DAC device but it doesn’t work.


Can someone help me with “output clock from FPGA” subject?


If you have some tips about that, It will great!


Thanks in advance!



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