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Registered: ‎09-10-2012

I can read the register valuesof Ch7301 on xupv5_lx110t board but not write

I'm trying to use Ch7301 on xupv5_lx110t board for DVI output. But I am not able to configure the registers with IIC protocol . I set the device address as 0x76 according to the user guide, and my writing operation sequence is like this:

start-divice address-write-ack-register address-ack-data-ack-stop.

My reading operation sequence is like this:

start-divice address-write-ack-register address-ack-start-device address-read-ack-register address-ack-data-ack-stop.

When I was trying to configure Ch7301, I only used the reset signal(active low),SDA and SCL signals of this port. Now I can read the values of registers, but the writing operation seemed to be in vain. I can not change the values of the registers.  I noticed that the ACK signal from the slave device was HIGH in writing operation.Was it the problem?

I used to do it with EDK tool. I used an IP core called TFT. It worked well. But when I simulated using its iic_controller.v file, the wave diagram shows that the device address was not 0x76, it was 0x30. Why and how can I configure Ch7301 correctly



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Registered: ‎05-16-2011



I'm trying to use the DVI output from the XUPV5 (different name for the same board you were using), and am having trouble finding a guide or tutorial that explains where to start. I found the ML505 user and reference design guides but I don't see the specifications for how to use the DVI output in them. In your post you mention that you were following the user guide but which one. Also did you solve your problem regarding the Ch7301 configuration and if so how?


Please PM me with a response if it's convenient for you.



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