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Newbie rodrigo.mmz
Registered: ‎02-25-2019

IP Integrator XADC + DA3 Modules



Im working on the following IP Integrator design. I have an Arty7 35T FPGA

I want to create a block diagram with two modules. The objetive for this implementation is to create a Analog-Digital-Analog vivado project (This one will be a part for a big project). The modules are:

 - XADC: Input 0-3.33v  converted to 16bits. This one as a clock input ( CLK100MHZ )

 - Pmod DA3: Digital to Analog converter with SPI Protocol. Inputs 16bits is converted by SPI protocol in a Analog value (max 2.51v). This one as a clock input ( i_clk )

My first idea was to connect Pmod DA3 clock to XADC clock creating a unique clock for the entire design. This design was validated. Creating a HDL Wrapper, it has a correct synthesis, implemetation and bitstream. Programing the board i dont get any analog value for output Pmod DA3, it only works output LED[15:0]. Captura.PNG

Modules works correctly independently.

Should i make a differente connection for clocks?

I dont know if there is a clock problem or other type problem.

i attach the project

Can anyone help me?


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