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Registered: ‎06-14-2010

Is this Forum Board the correct place for your questions?

There is a lot of traffic on this Boards and Kits Forum that is more appropriate for other Boards. Before posting, please make sure that this Forum Page is the correct place for your questions.

Your post may go unanswered and/or delayed if it has to be moved. The posts here should require specific knowledge of the Xilinx Evaluation and Characterization platforms.

If you remove the board from your question, is your question still valid? If it is, it’s likely a good candidate for a different forum page.

Below are some examples of non B&K related:

  • Embedded Design Flow questions that may be using a Xilinx Board, but may not be specific to a Xilinx board.
  • General PCB design questions unrelated to a specific Xilinx Board.
  • Licensing questions.
  • Vivado/Vitis/SDK errors.
  • Simulation Questions.
  • I need help with my HDL, etc.


Examples of some B&K related issues:

  • Issues with board functionality/board specific issues.
  • Looking for a Demo design or test case for the specific Xilinx Evaluation or Characterization platforms
  • Running the Built-In Self-Test and seeing issues, etc.
Kind Regards,
Anatoli Curran,
Xilinx Technical Support
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