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Visitor gethyn
Registered: ‎10-14-2007

ML403 Ethernet/RS232 Connectivity

Hello Everyone,

I'm reasonably new to FPGAs - I'll try to explain my problem.

I have been thrown in at the deep end at work and have been trying for at least 2 weeks to implement an FPGA design.  I have a section which does some simple DSP processing which works fine, and have finished an input section which is also fine.  My problem, however, is getting the data out of the board to a PC.  Ideally this would be via the ethernet port built onto the board, but RS232 is also an option, as we have some serial->ethernet converters around which will act as a TCP/IP unit and hence I can squirt data into it and get it out over the network.

So far, I have managed the following:
- I have instantiated the EMAC in MII mode and, using the example design, can get it to connect to a PC - the RX light on the board will flash whenever a packet is received.
- I have written an interface which implements the timing diagram provided with the EMAC primitive.
- Whenever I try to send data to the FiFos that the example design uses, i receive a destination not ready signal (dst_rdy goes high) and hence I can't send any data to it

I might be being incredibly foolish in even trying to implement this from the FPGA fabric, or I have just misunderstood something or other (which is highly likely), regardless, I find the documentation pretty useless for anything like this.

I have also tried to implement the RS232 interface, but I cant find a useful clock to use for it.

Can anyone help me sort this out?

Thanks in advance,


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