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Registered: ‎04-27-2011

ML507 AC97 sound and PLB to OPB bridge

Hello everybody, I'm trying to port sound to my ML507 by AC97 chipset. I'm googling and see some people have to adapt previous opb_ac97 core to ML507. This link is a reference to someone who successfuly did it: The simplest idea is to use OPB Bus to manage the opb_ac97 core, some people have faced with problems using the ac97_test.c file. The point is that I need the PLB to OPB bridge in order to use the opb_ac97 core, and just then face with the file.c. I use EDK 11.3 and I've seen there's not such core available, even with the "deprecated core" activated. I see some guys use the plb to opb core, I'm wondering if I can use it with EDK 11.3. Otherwise I shoud use PLB4.6 to OPB bridge but I do not know if the system works fine, I just try to follow exactly what the link friend said about it, he used the opb_ac97 core, and added a PLB to OPB bride....(where did he find such core...???) thanks to all
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