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Registered: ‎02-03-2011

ML605 development kit and Cypress CY7C68013A

Dear all,


We have virtex 6 ML605 development kits (embedded and connectivity) and we would like to use the USB features of these boards.


The ML605 Hardware guide gives information about one of the two cypress USB chips : Cypress CY7C67300-100 AXI which is used as a USB Host/Peripheral controller for connecting a USB peripheral to the ML605 board.


The problem is that I didn't find any reference (in ML605 Hardware guide) to the other USB chip on the ML605 board which is the CY7C68013A-100AXI which is a USB peripheral controller.


What is the latter peripheral controller used for? Do you have any documentation refering to the usage of this chip in the ML605.


Our design would preferrably use this chip rather than the Host/Peripheral one.


Can you please provide us with more information and documentation about the usage of this chip in the ML605.


Is it possible to change the firmware of this chip using cypress tools? Is the ML605 designed this way or not?


Thank you in advance for your answer.





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The firmware and some other internal details of Cypress USB controller in ML605 are not provided for users.

 The reason is enabling USB-based JTAG configuration of FPGA is not to be designed into an end-product. The protected Xilinx IP for USB JTAG interface is not available for emulation or reuse as indicated by the note at the top right that says this circuit is for reference only.

 FYI: You can find some of firmware/drivers of cypress USB controllers available in Cypress web site/internet search. They may useful for your reference purpose.

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Registered: ‎05-30-2012

I want to send data from my PC to the ML605 board through USB Protocol and display them on the user leds.

PC will be the host and the Cypress CY7C67300-100 AXI will be the device. I've already written the software linux driver for that to send data in bulk usb transfer mode but the i have problems to drive the HPI usb controller .

Any help plz ?

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