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Newbie jmlogos
Registered: ‎01-31-2011

ML605 microblaze/eclipse procedure

I started writing this as a problem report, but it worked as expected, soI figured I would send it in either case for the benefit of those who may not be that familiar with a full end-end setup of a microblaze on the ML605 with the eclipse SDK, since this doesn't appeared to be covered in any of the included project. If someone with more experience with the system could critic it would probably be even more helpful.  This was done on 12.4


Procedure for using a microblaze on the ML605 dev-board with the eclipse based SDK.



  1. Create a new project in ISE targeting a XC6LX240t-1ff1156
  2. Create a new top level vhdlfile (ublaze_test_top.vhd)
  3. Add and embedded processor to the project
  4. Configure the processor in EDK (Below is my configuration)
  5. Using the BSB Wizard
  6. PLB system
  7. Target V6 ML605 Eval Platform (Rev D)
  8. Single Processor
  9. Microblaze with 100mhz,64KB local memory,floating point unit.
  10.   Replaced Ethernet MAC with Hard Ethernet Mac (DMA+INTR)
  11. Removed Flash,DVI,EEPROM,FMC_LPC,SFP,PCIe_Bridge, SysACE_CF
  12. Added xps_timer (W/ INTR) 
  13. Added instruction and data cache for DDR3 SDRAM (64Kb each)
  14. Added Applications (STDIO a-> RS232 UART)
  15. Save Project/ Exit EDK
  16. In ISE, view instantiation template for micro blaze.
  17. Copy port  section of the component to the entity port section of ublaze_test_top.vhd
  18. Copy the component section ( and attributes!) of the template to the architecture section of ublaze_test_top.vhd
  19. Copy the instantiation/port map to the architecture, mapping all the signals to the same names (pass through from ublaze to top level)
  20. Run export HW design to SDK ( this take as while since it has to Synthesis, Translate,Map,PR etc a Microblaze along with all the peripherals ~30 minutes for me)  
  21. Open SDK, select workspace
  22. Create a new Hardware Specification using the file created in SDK\SDK_Export\hw
  23. Create a new BSP targeting the HW platform from #22 (standalone)
  24. Verify RS232_UART_1 in stdin/out, no additional drivers loaded, hit OK
  25. Create New Xilinx C project using test_ublaze_hw, and select hello world as template
  26. select the BSP create from 23/24 ,click finish
  27. Right click on project and select (Generate Linker Script)
  28. Select all section to ilmb_controller/ generate
Test Procedure:
  1. Turn on dev board (SysACE mode= ON, CfgAddr(2..1)=OFF  )
  2. Verify COMMS (pressing CPU reset and seeing splash on serial console
  3. Download bitstream to FPGA  selected ublaze_test_top_bit.bit ,edkBmmFile_bd.bmm  &bootloop
  4. right click on c_project, select run as -> launch on hardware
  5. verify proper output on the serial port.


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