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Observer briankincaid
Registered: ‎05-16-2018

PL DDR4 on new ZCU102/106 boards

Hello, I see that according to AR#71961 the ZCU102 and ZCU106 are now using MTA4ATF51264HZ-2G6E1 for the PL DDR4 module

I would like to use this same module on my ZCU104. 

Is it possible to post the custom parts .CSV file (from AR# 63462) for MTA4ATF51264HZ-2G6E1 ?


Will the PL DDR example be updated for this new memory module on the ZCU104 ? 

I am still struggling to map a DDR4 module to the .CSV settings, it is challenging if you do not know how to decode/guess different nomenclature.




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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎03-04-2018

Re: PL DDR4 on new ZCU102/106 boards

Hello @briankincaid ,


First of all, AR#71961 is for the “PS_DDR”.  Hence if you want to use the PL_DDR, the AR#71961 does not matter.


As for the PS_DDR, you can set appropriate value in the PS_DDR GUI as described in the AR#71961.


As for the PL_DDR, MT40A256M16GE-075E is used both ZCU102 and ZCU106.  UG1182 and UG1244 are the user guide and you can search the MT40A256M16GE-075E.




The MT40A256M16GE-075E is the default Memory Part, so you do not need to use the CSV, just select that memory part in the PL MIG GUI, which explains the procedure in the XTP432 that you download following URL.




I hope it would be helpful.


Best regards,


Product Application Engineer Xilinx Technical Support


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xtp432(PL MIG GUI).PNG
Observer briankincaid
Registered: ‎05-16-2018

Re: PL DDR4 on new ZCU102/106 boards


Thank you for the reply!  I did not notice before that ZCU102/106 utilizes the SO-DIMM socket for PS memory.  The ZCU104 uses the on-board DDR4 for its PS memory, and the SO-DIMM DDR4 is for PL.  They are opposite.

I do not have any trouble with the MT40 presets for on-board memory.  I am trying to configure the MIG in PL for the SO-DIMM module.  I have read back the SPD from the device as well as read through documentation.  I'm still spinning wheels.  The example design could be helpful but the memory module required to purchase is obsoleted.  There are a few posts asking how to work around this.  

May I suggest an AR for the ZCU104 that includes a part .CSV example with MTA4ATF51264HZ-2G6E1 SO-DIMM module?  I think this would be helpful for many other users of ZCU104.