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Registered: ‎04-29-2010

Pin Assignment Input vs Output


I just want to know how can I find out what pins are allocated to be input only and what pins to be output only, and what pins can actually be both? And specifically my question is about a pin on VC707 board.


The following is the documentation for the VC707:



My question is about the pin AN31.

When I open up Vivado and look at pin AN31, how can I tell whether this pin can be used as both input/output pin, or there are limitation on this pin?


Second, if there are no limitation, then how do I know if there are any limitation imposed on this pin by the VC707 board layout? In other words, how do I know if VC707 allows this pin to be used as input, output or both?

Is this specified somewhere? Because when I look at the document, for AN31, it is specified that "USER_SMA_GPIO_P".... Does this mean that I can use this both as input or output?

Will I need to specify it differently in XDC, whether I want to use as input or output?







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Mentor jmcclusk
Registered: ‎02-24-2014

Re: Pin Assignment Input vs Output

This pin and SMA connector are general purpose, and can be either an input or an output.    You should specify the IO standard you want, but it has to be compatible with a 1.8V Vcco IO bank voltage.      You can't use this with a 3.3V input, for example.

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