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Registered: ‎11-08-2013

Reset issue with the Viviado 2015.1 BIST design for the VC707


Hello community,


I tried the latest BIST design for the VC707 for Vivado 2015.1 and I think the design has a problem with the Reset. Downloading the bitfile in the SDK works after changing the settings in the .mmi file but when I try to download the bist application through the 2015.1 SDK I get the following error message:


com.xilinx.sdk.targetmanager.TMException: MicroBlaze is under RESET. Check if the Reset input to MicroBlaze and its Bus Interfaces are connected properly UNABLE to STOP MicroBlaze


After that I have also tried to download the ready to download files and I don't see any output on the UART interface so I assume that it is the same problem. 


Did someone get it to work or experienced same issues? Is it a known problem?

Maybe someone figured out how to fix it?


I appreciate your comments!

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