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Visitor sven_k
Registered: ‎08-12-2013

Running MicroBlaze in Vitis

I´m trying to run a very simple applcation using MicroBlaze on a Nexys A7 board. I´m just trying as a first step to turn on the LED´s on the board but it fails. I´m trying to follow the route in the documentation UG1400. When I get to the stage

Debug As → Launch on Hardware (Single Application Debug)

I get the error message

'Cannot stop MicroBlaze. MicroBlaze is held in reset'

Can someone tell me why?!

If I instead of debug would like to have it as freestanding application running on the FPGA board. How do I get that?

Overall I find the VIti interface kind of confusing. There are catalogues and files just about everywhere and I cna´t see a good structure of impementing the project.


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