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Registered: ‎08-13-2017

Single PMOD for 3 SPI dac

Hello everyone,

I am using Xilinx zc706 board.

zc706 have only one PMOD with 8 user pins.

I had driven one DAC (communication-based on SPI) from PMOD of zc706 successfully.

Now I have to drive 3 DAC from the single PMOD. DAC required main signals are SLCK, SDIN, SYNQ. 

I tried to give the same SCLK and SYNQ signal to all the DAC and Separate data pin SDIN1, SDIN2, SDIN3.

but through this works only for single DAC, when others are not connected.

If I Connected two DAC then it now works. 

how I can connect all 3 DAC to the PMOD of Zc706?


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