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Visitor walido81
Registered: ‎08-17-2009

Spartan-3E and Labview FPGA, connection problem!

Hello, I have a problem with my Spartan-3E kit…An error message appear when I try to 'download VI to the flash memory' The error message said: The cable may not be properly connected or the Spartan-3E is turned off. But it's already connected and turned on! I used the Spartan-3E example that installed with the driver. Also every time I turn on the Spartan-3E or run the VI, I get a message from the OS that "This device can perform faster" and the message advise to connect the kit with HI-Speed USB device, but it's already connected with it! I thought that I may have a problem in my operation system and the installed driver, so I formatted the windows as installed again, but the problem has not fixed!! I don't know if canceling 'downloading VI to the flash memory' in the middle of process can cause such a problem!? Do I need to erase the flash? How? I'm using:Spartan-3E (500) kitNI driver for Spartan-3E: Ver.1.1Labview 8.6.1Labveiw FPGA module 8.6.1Windows Vista SP2 Please advise what to do! Please check the attached picture for your reference!
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Newbie miguel623
Registered: ‎03-22-2012

Re: Spartan-3E and Labview FPGA, connection problem!


I had the same problem. I sought the ISE webpack 11.4 and installed it and the problem was kicked off. About the cable


could go faster... it does not matter.


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