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Visitor hrjehg
Registered: ‎09-27-2019

Strange IDCODE on ZCU102

Hi all

I have a ZCU102 evaluation board, which I am writing some software that should prevent downloading an incorrect FPGA bit stream to the flash of the device. We are currently developing software that spans the 7000 series and the Ultrascale+ series, and it is fairly easy to mistake the different builds from eachother.

When I read the CSU IDCODE (from R5 read address 0xffca0040) register, I read 0xX4738093 - which is a XCZU9EG as specified.

But when my FPGA department delivers bit streams, that are built for the ZCU102 Evaluation board (see the settings.jpg), the IDCODE (see IDCODE.jpg) is set to 0x0484a093 - which is a KU9P.

I have two questions.

1) Why does Vivado (2017.2) write the KU9P IDCODE to a ZCU102 bitstream?

2) Why does the KU9P bitstream work on a XCZU9EG device?

Best Regards,


PS. The two 7000 series bitstreams I am working with have correct IDCODEs. 

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