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Translating 702 app notes for 706

Hi all,


I am trying yo reuse the ref designs originally created for zc702 boards to port them to  zc706. specifically working on the

XAPP1078: Zynq SoC Cortex-A9 Bare-Metal System with MicroBlaze Processor

XAPP1093: Running Linux and Bare-Metal System on Both Zynq SoC Processors


I have some experiences on embedded systems more or less however quite a newbie to the zynq platform.


I have tried to regenerate the designs after changing the project specifics to 706 features which are 7045 ffg900 -2. and also have replaced the UCF file accordingly. However no luck.


In this regards I would appreciate if you advice me on the following:


1- If want to use linux OS, given the linux kernel be multi platform, does replacing the device tree and system.bit for the new platform and regenerating the BOOT file suffice to have it working?


2- For AMP designs, If I want to have PS working with multiple microblaze instances, are there any ref design that I could take advantage?


3- In general, should I stick to ISE for now or use vivado instead? since in vivado seems like all the processes are integrated not sure if its the best approach tbh. 






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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎08-01-2012

Re: Translating 702 app notes for 706

You can not port ref designs originally created for zc702 boards to port them to  zc706 directly. The board hardware of ZC706 may not support for all reference designs. So no guarantee of working without proper changes as per ZC706 board hardware & pin out


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