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Registered: ‎09-30-2011

VCU1287 VccINT stuck at 800mV

We  have a VCU1287 board that we have been using (as expected) to characterize the GTs. We have had the board for about 4 months or so. Just a couple of days ago, the VccINT stopped running at 0.95V and dropped to 0.8V 

This is odd in many respects. The board power monitoring (MAXIM) software actually says that VccINT is 0.45V but when I measure it, it is about 0.8V Further the power LED for VccINT is not illuminated and the POWER GOOD LED is red. So there is definitely something wrong. If I program the FPGA (which I can, unsurprisingly) the program operation fails with an error about being unable to get stream information from target.

There does not appear to be any shorts on the board. We do not handle the board at all and it sits on an anti-static mat as it has since we got it.

When I flip the dip switch to turn off the VccINT regulator, I would expect the VccINT to drop to zero but it drops to 0.25V

I have ordered the MAXIM power tool cable to access the power controllers but it is unclear to me why these devices would suddenly get out of whack

I think I need to RMA the board but the folks at Xilinx said I need to post a message here first. So I am.

Any ideas, blessings or good thoughts would be appreciated.

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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎06-06-2018

Re: VCU1287 VccINT stuck at 800mV

Hi neil@formidableengineeringconsultants.com,

1. Please confirm me that Default Jumper settings are ok in your board for proper opertaion of the board, refer page 56 of UG1121 (v1.0).

2. When supplying 12V through J28, use only the power supply provided for use with this board (Xilinx part number 3800033). Or you are providing through J27 or J73 (if you are using J27 or J73 please refer caution information given on page 13 of UG1121 (v1.0)). please confirm me, you are ok in this step?

3. Please share the Power GOOD LEDS HD Clear snapshot and Board front and back HD snapshot when power on.

4. Please share the Maxim GUI snapshot of all the Voltage rails.

5.  Please Share the snapshot of PMBus voltages, after reading through System Controller, refer page 81 and 85 of UG1121 (v1.0).

6. Even after Step 6 VCCINT voltage is 0.8V or corresponding LED is RED. Please move forward to program the Maxim Power Regulators by following this AR#67733. After reprogramming please share the power Good LEDS Snapshot and Maxim GUI Voltages Snapshot.


Deepak D N


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Registered: ‎09-30-2011

Re: VCU1287 VccINT stuck at 800mV

Hi @ddn

Here is what I can tell you:

1. The jumper and switch settings are and have always been as per default

2. We are using the supplied 'brick' connected to J28

3. See attached

4. I have not yet received the Maxim cable so I cannot provide this

5. See attached

6. See 4

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Registered: ‎09-30-2011

Re: VCU1287 VccINT stuck at 800mV

And just in case here is the whole board front and back

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