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Visitor adiaz004
Registered: ‎04-10-2018

XMPU not raising SError exceptions with caches enabled

I'm having an issue with the XMPU not raising a SError exception when I try to write to a region marked as read-only when caches are enabled and set to write-thru, and yes we are flushing caches....still no success.

You can see that region1 is read-only and starts at 0x20000000, when I try to write to 0x20000000 the system continues execution as normal, but the xmpu shows :

WRPERMVIO interrupt

Current state of the system:
Secure EL1 (non-exception mode)

XMPU1 and XMPU2  Config

CTRL         00000008  ALIGNCFG    1MB           POISONCFG Attribute     DEFWRALLOWED Poisoned      DEFRDALLOWED Poisoned
    ERR_STATUS1  000200000  AXI_ADDR    00000000
    ERR_STATUS2  00000090  AXI_ID      0090
    POISON       00100000  ATTRIB      1             BASE      000000
    ISR          00000004  SECURITYVIO No interrupt  WRPERMVIO interrupt  RDPERMVIO    No interrupt  INV_APB      No interrupt
    IMR_SET/CLR  00000000  SECURITYVIO Not masked    WRPERMVIO Not masked    RDPERMVIO    Not masked    INV_APB      Not masked
    LOCK         00        REGWRDIS    Not locked

    Region 00
    R00_START    00010000  ADDR        00010000
    R00_END      0001FF00  ADDR        0001FF00
    R00_MASTER   03C00080  MASK        03C0      ID       0080
    R00_CONFIG   0000000F  NSCHECKTYPE Relaxed   REGIONNS Non-secure  WRALLOWED Allowed   RDALLOWED Allowed   ENABLE Enabled

    Region 01
    R01_START    00020000  ADDR        00020000
    R01_END      0002FF00  ADDR        0002FF00
    R01_MASTER   03C00080  MASK        03C0      ID       0080
    R01_CONFIG   0000000B  NSCHECKTYPE Relaxed   REGIONNS Non-secure  WRALLOWED Poisoned  RDALLOWED Allowed   ENABLE Enabled



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