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Newbie rprata
Registered: ‎10-09-2007

XtremeDSP Development Kit for Virtex-II PRO

I haven't any experience with FPGA but I will need to buy 2 development kits with it, this is the reason why I will expose my doubts.
I'm working in a new standard, 802.11p (WAVE / DSRC), it's similar to 802.11a.
I want to show 2 equipments exchanging information/data in real time, like WirelessLan, using 802.11p radio (WAVE / DSRC - 5.9GHz).
I've developed the RF block with the MAX2828 transceiver and AWL6950 Power Amplifier. This hardware works properly.
Thus, I have the radio interface (transceiver) that receive IQ (inphase/quadrature) signals.
Now I need a device (development board) to generate and receive the IQ signals (BaseBand processor) using OFDM modulation to possibility the minimum of 6 Mbps up to the maximum of 54Mbps of bit rate.
So, the development board must be able to make all baseband processing such as generate OFDM signal and after transform it to IQ signals, using FFT and IFFT.
Thus, the development board that I need must have 2 ADC high speed to receive these signals and 2 DAC high speed to transmit these signals.
Since I'm novice and I have never programed VHDL language, is the System Generation Tool advised?
Thus, I think that the "XtremeDSP Development Kit for Virtex-II PRO" with optional System Generation Tool is a good solution. In this case I must spend $2,295.
For this price will I have everything that I need, development Tool/software, manuals, datasheets?
Which is the development board (with 2 ADC and 2 DAC, with good sampling time) you advise me, "XtremeDSP Development Kit for Virtex-II PRO with optional System Generation Tool" or other?
I can't spend more than $2,500.
Thanks in advance.
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Registered: ‎08-14-2007

Re: XtremeDSP Development Kit for Virtex-II PRO

If you are familar with Matlab and Simulink, System Generator will be a good choice and HDL won't be bottleneck.
Here's more details about System Generator :
Development Tool/software, manuals, datasheets as well as System Generator will be sent with CD packages of XtremeDSP Development Kit for Virtex-II PRO without additional pay. You can double check this when purchasing the board.
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Visitor jacobusn
Registered: ‎08-15-2007

Re: XtremeDSP Development Kit for Virtex-II PRO

I would say go for the Virtex-4 equivalent of that board. It is the same but contains a Virtex-4 device which has DSP48's etc. which you will not find on the Virtex-II board. For support reasons also go for the Virtex-IV board.
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