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Registered: ‎03-05-2013

ZC702 - XTP180: Getting memory addresses and using them

Hello guys!


I'm exploring the codes of the hello_usb ( from this bist application. I saw it was made for the 14.1 but I'm trying to use it with the 14.4, without any problems until now. It's using some basic configurations from Chapter 9 from the USB manual.


What I'm trying to do is to find the address that is being used (where and how the address are set) in the board memory to then use another program running in the board to access this data stored in the RAM.


I already analyzed the Xusbps_ch9.c/.h, xusbps_ch9_storage.c/.h, xscugic.h, xusbps_class_storage.c/.h, xusbps_intr_example.c, xusbps_hw.h and xusbps.c.:


xusbps_ch9.c: Handle Setup Data packet from the host, a standard device request (acks and stuffs).


xusbps_ch9.h: Definitions used on Xusbps_ch9.c


xusbps_ch9_storage.c: Define descriptors structures, and then have functions to return them when asked for.


xusbps_ch9_storage.h: Basic definitions from chapter 9


xscugic.h: Interruptions controller


xusbps_class_storage.c: handles Reduced Block Command (RBC) requests from the host (set buffers for transfer, check status of transfer, Copy data,check status again) and handle a Storage Class Setup request from the host.


xusbps_class_storage.h: opcodes, Virtual Flash memory, SCSI states and a lot of other definitions are done here.


xusbps_intr_example.c: Probably, the one I should change/use to find/get the memory addresses.


xusbps_hw.h: XUSBPS_DEVICEADDR_MAX might be useful to change the amount of data stored.


xusbps.c: Useful to read the memory from the board program (and probably to find the addresses)


Also, I tried to boot the hello_usb and the u-boot, but I think it doesn't support multiple data or ELF files. I'd have to make each core taking care of one process?


I'm not sure yet where to look or what to look. I saw memory allocations and things like this, but I still not sure if it's there. Can anybody give a help over here? Had somebody worked with this code or know something about it? Or just someone with clarity enough to see things more clear than me :)




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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎07-31-2012



Firstly it is strictly recommended to run the design for 14.1 only in the 14.1 version of the tool, as there are many differences which may affect the systems. However let me know if the BIST was succesful and were you able to observe the results.


The better place to post this question would be in the Embedded Forums as this seems to be more of an Embedded Query.


Let me know in case of any queries.




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