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Registered: ‎09-20-2018

ZCU 102 - how turn on/off APU CPUs

Hello !

I have an ZCU102 board and Vivado 2019.1

In the UG1085 (Zynq TRM) on p.30 in the "power-domain" block schematics I see that the ARM APUs (CPU 0-3) are connected to power (FPD) via "switches".

Therefore my question  : Is it possible and how can I turn ON/OFF the CPUs in Vivado ?

The idea behind is simple : the ZCU 102 is a eval-board with a quad-core APU. In our desing (in mass production) we would like to use a dual-core FPGA (XCZU4CG) on our custom PCB.

To check if the dual-core is sufficient, we want to test it on the ZCU102 - with 2 APU cores disabled.

I assume, that using Linux/Petalinux (after config - kernel and/or - rootfs) it is possible to enable/disable the CPUs in some manner but that is not a "bare-metal" solution, it depends on the capabilities of the OS. The power consumption would be higher too.

Any ideas ?

As usual, thank you in advance.

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