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Newbie bimal5.91
Registered: ‎04-12-2018

ZCU102 Eval Kit Configuration:



I am looking for ZCU102 Eval kit, With SODIMM(PS) RAM of 8GB. But as i gone through the details i found that ZCU102 Eval kit comes with SODIMM 4GB RAM (PS)+ 0.5GB RAM(PL). Where i have below queries.


1) Is it possible to have ZCU102 Eval kit with SODIMM(PS) RAM of 8GB? Also it would be good if you can provide the best suitable part for 8GB RAM.


2) Is it possible to use on board PL side 0.5GB RAM to PS side ? If yes what should be done? Does it require to program the PL for it or Is there any other better option to access 0.5GB PL RAM to PS Side?


3) Default ZCU102 Eval kit comes with Part# XCZU9EG-2, Is it possible to have Eval kit with -3 speed grade part#? If yes How?

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Scholar u4223374
Registered: ‎04-26-2015

Re: ZCU102 Eval Kit Configuration:

(1) It should support up to 32GB, but I haven't tried anything larger than the standard 4GB.


(2) Yes, but it's not as fast. You would not normally use the PL RAM for the PS.


(3) No, unless you desolder the -2 and solder on a -3. The -3 chip alone costs over $5000 on Digikey.