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Registered: ‎05-16-2018

ZCU111 board LMX clock programming


I am trrying to set up a simple block design with rfdc. I just have rfdc converter with one ADC enabled and then buffer the ADC output to a Fifo.

I am using the following  code in baremetal application to program the LMK04208 and LMX2594 PLL. The application can launched successfully, but it does not generate the clock signal and there is no data ouput from the ADC( I have attache an ILA at the output data of rdfc, and it said no clock stop and not armed). Any idea of what could be wrong? Also, what is the exact meaning of the following code? Which tile clock has been connected? Is the clock generated by LMX2594 3932160Hz?  

#ifdef XPS_BOARD_ZCU111
printf("\n Configuring the Clock \r\n");
#ifdef __BAREMETAL__
LMK04208ClockConfig(1, LMK04208_CKin);
LMX2594ClockConfig(1, 3932160);
LMK04208ClockConfig(12, LMK04208_CKin);
LMX2594ClockConfig(12, 3932160);

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