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Registered: ‎06-12-2019

ZynqMPSoC ZCU104 board, running lwIP example on any other core besides Core-0 of APU

Hi Everyone,

I have a weird problem and I would like some support in this regards. 

I am trying to run the Light-Weight IP example, provided in the Xilinx SDK, on Core-3 of the APU. When I run the same example on Core-0, it runs fine. But when I try to run the same example for Core-3 it does not run. Debugging the example, I saw the problem that the interrupts never get called. I have been debugging this for the last couple of days and have run out of ideas.


NOTE: The lwIP example is being run as a standalone on Core-3 and all the other cores are in reset, meaning there is nothing running on them; so I doubt it is the problem of interrupt sharing between the cores. It is probably more of an interrupt configuration issue.


So if any of you guys have any ideas or any experience running the lwIP example on any of the other cores except Core-0 for zynqMPSoC, I would really appreciate some help regarding this.


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