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loading a text file into fpga



I need a configuration file  at power up  of the fpga that file format may be hex or bin so plz anyone can tell how i can access the file .and this file may be changed .

one option as per my understanding is .coe file but that file cant be changed once bit stream is generated . 

i want to put a file in memory that i can access independent of bit stream 

as I powered up the board the file needs to be load in fpga and that file i can change with out disturbing  the bit stream .


i am not making test bench  textio package is not synthesize so i cant use that also 

i want to make like that in processor if any file is required to run .exe, if required file and exe is together that .exe  will access the same file like in fpga we are having bit stream file and some configuration file is used during  vhdl coding where to put that file so that file can be changed independently   without changing the  bit stream file with same name and properties.  


plz if  any one have idea  share . 


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As far as I know, to achieve your goal there can be two options - off-FPGA storage (which can act as a slave device with FPGA as the master) or on-FPGA storage.

In the latter case something called Partial Reconfiguration can be used. For Vivado WebPack, it comes at a price.

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I'm not totally clear on what you're doing.


If the aim is to load different "programs" into FPGA block RAM, then the obvious solution is to do it exactly how a PC does it: have some external storage (eg. an SD card), and read files from there into RAM at run-time. This is especially easy with a Zynq, and it should be straightforward with MicroBlaze.


If the aim is to modify the FPGA structure itself, then you need a new bitstream. Either a partial one (for partial reconfiguration) or a whole one.

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Your query is bit confusing. It would be great if you can make it more simplified so experts can comment on that.


While from first instance it looks like you mean to have some user data that can be stored along with the design bit stream.

Correct me if I am wrong. 

Making a MCS file from  PROM tool can help you achieve that. Please mention the device series on which your development is on going.


If the requirement is of having total different functionality then as suggested by other users; please go with the partial reconfiguration.


Thank you.


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