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Registered: ‎06-10-2013

using DDR3

hello !

currently i'm working with spartan 6 and i must use the DDR3 to read and write , i used the MIG , but a have several question to ask whom work with this tools core generator :

First of all : i read documentation i find that i can generate my design by using the example design which i have some instruction like create.bat , So

if i  generate the Core why i must generate the project with Create.bat ??

also i'm trying to modify this parameters but i don't know how which value must be added knowing my user frequency is 27Mhz and the DDR3 800Mps that is all i know for the moment ,

Any help please ?

constant C3_CLKOUT0_DIVIDE       : integer := 1; 
   constant C3_CLKOUT1_DIVIDE       : integer := 1; 
   constant C3_CLKOUT2_DIVIDE       : integer := 16; 
   constant C3_CLKOUT3_DIVIDE       : integer := 16; 
   constant C3_CLKFBOUT_MULT        : integer := 8;
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