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Registered: ‎11-21-2014

Alternative to AXI Datamover IP

Hi, I need to read from BRAM and convert to AXI4Stream. Currently, I was trying with BRAM generated by Block Memory generator (which is read by AXI BRAM controller) and AXI Datamover converts the AXI4 data from BRAM controller to AXI4Stream. Everything seems fine, but there are few problems.

1. First, the address send by BRAM controller increments by 0x4(I don't know how could change this increment)

2. Second, the AXI datamover IP does not stream the data in continous fashion. The burst size is maximum 256. The design requires contionous stream.


So, this means new IP has to be used instead of AXI Datamover. Please suggest which suffices the requirements. Please also mentions which other IP has to be used for interfacing?

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