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Registered: ‎10-15-2019

IP status is still design linking after I load a evaluation licence

I am running the demo from Getting Started Guide of NetFPGA on Github:

At step 3, I got a bug, and here are a few lines from the bug report:

INFO:encore:314 - Created non-GUI application for batch mode execution.
Saved CGP file for project 'coregen'.
INFO:sim:172 - Generating IP...
Resolving generics for 'trimac'...
Applying external generics to 'trimac'...
Delivering associated files for 'trimac'...
Delivering EJava files for 'trimac'...
Generating implementation netlist for 'trimac'...
INFO:sim - Pre-processing HDL files for 'trimac'...
WARNING:sim - BlackBox generator run option '-iobuf' found multiple times. Only
   the first occurence is considered.
Running synthesis for 'trimac'
ERROR:sim - Cannot open file
   _interface_v1_00_a/trimac_work/tmp/_cg/_dbg/trimac.xcf'. Please make sure
   that the file exists and that you have read permission for it.
ERROR:sim - Failed executing Tcl generator.
ERROR:sim - Failed to generate 'trimac'.  Failed executing Tcl generator.

ERROR:sim:877 - Error found during execution of IP 'Tri Mode Ethernet MAC v5.5'
Makefile:59: recipe for target 'netlist/trimac.ngc' failed
make[1]: *** [netlist/trimac.ngc] Error 1

Is it beacuse that I have to get a licence of tri mode eth mac?

I do get a evaluation licence from the Xilinx licence website, as the first screenshot indicates.

The second and third screenshots shows the status of ISE and Vivado after I load the licence.

By the way, the NIC ID appears to be 0 on ISE, but 6045cb7f61ae on Vivado. I used the latter when requesting the licence. Wonder if this matters.

Yet after I load the licence nothing changed. I still got the same bug.

I type the command line

xlicmgr status -c tri_mode_eth_mac

And got the following message:

Release 14.6 - Xilinx License Manager (xlicmgr) P.68d (lin64)
Copyright (c) 1995-2013 Xilinx, Inc.  All rights reserved.
Feature: tri_mode_eth_mac
Status: Design Linking
License version limit found: 2013.06
Minimum version limit required: 1.0
Expiration date: Does not expire
Current host ID: 000000000000
License type: FLEXlm
Built in search paths: /home/lab369/.Xilinx:/home/lab369/.Xilinx/Coregen/CoreLicenses:/home/lab369/14.6/ISE_DS/EDK/data/core_licenses:/home/lab369/14.6/ISE_DS/ISE/coregen/core_licenses

Why is the status still "Design Linking"? Besides, it seems impossible to ask for a licence for host ID 000000000000. So how can I find where the problem lies? And how to request the licence and install it correctly?

Thank you very much.

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