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Registered: ‎07-16-2012

Multiple Chip2Chip


I have an Artix-7 design which employs eight parallel Aurora 8b10b + AXI Chip2Chip cores connected to a single AXI4L crossbar. Each Aurora link is single-lane, full-duplex. The Chip2Chip cores are slaves, with the masters being eight separate Zynq US+ devices. I am having trouble getting all eight interfaces to work simultaneously. Only one is ever active at a time, with the aurora_lane_up bit being low for the remaining seven. If I strobe the pma_init_in for one of the links that is down, that link will come up but the link that was up will go down. Any idea why all eight links cannot be up simultaneously?

The crossbar is configured for round robin.

The C2C core does not have the link-handler enabled, because the design was done with Vivado 2016.4, which does not support the link handler.

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