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Registered: ‎05-22-2020

Operating with Floating-Point IP

I'm trying to use floating point IP but i really have no idea about how use some ports, like tvalid and tready. I know that i should read the manual about this, but i read times and times and i really don't understood how to use it.

I want to test some operations, and in this photo, i was trying to use multiplication to test. Then please, what is the exactly configuration about these pins to simply do this multiplication?






About the design: i just used a constant of 32bits which was the number 16, also used a logic source that send HIGH to both tvalid inputs, and expect that in the simulation, after i wrapped the design, i would see the result in the output of 32bits, but, despite the tdata of 32bits was right, accordingly the result i saw in the waveform, the output result still in zero. What should i do?






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