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Registered: ‎02-08-2016

RAMB18E cascade connectivity issue

I want to connect 3-RAMB18E2 modules in a cascaded fashion as shown in UG573 Page 23 Figure 1-11.


But I am not sure, how do I configure ports A and B.


for "FIRST" BRAM in cascade : I am using port DINBDIN for data input. Port A- read mode & Port B - write mode

for "MIDDLE" BRAM in cascade : I am using port CASDINB for input. Port A- read mode & Port B - write mode. My question is -


How do data read from Port A (FIRST BRAM) goes into CASDINB  of MIDDLE BRAM when FIRST BRAM port B is configured as WRITE??

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Registered: ‎08-08-2017

Hi @gtushar


Standard Data out cascade and Data in cascade connectivity diagrams are given on page 20 to 23 of memory user guide


Additionally , What is the requirement of cascading memories here manually ? I mean is the specific reason for not using

block memory generator IP or XPM_Memory based implementation ?  Where cascading is done by tool itself.



Reply if you have any queries, Give Kudos and accept as Solution


Reply if you have any queries, give kudos and accept as solution
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