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Registered: ‎02-19-2017

Reading Samples on DAC DMA from Memory (Linux based)

Hello, - I am working on Analog device transceiver(ad9361-z7035) . First of all i want to verify the RX-TX path. For that purpose i inserted a ILA . I connected ILA on ADC data, DAC data and DAC DMA But i found nothing on DAC DMA and DAC FIFO when i checked them through ILA. ILA connections are given below. I was expecting the same data on DAC through DAC DMA as found on ADC data. am i missing something? ILA connection as follows Probe0 (adc_sync , fifo_wr_sync) Probe1 (adc_valid , fifo_wr_en) Probe2(63:0) ( adc_data, fifo_wr_din[63:0] ) Probe3 (dac_valid , fifo_rd_en) Probe4(63:0) (dac_data , fifo_rd_dout[63:0]) Probe5 (dout_ovf, fifo_wr,overflow) Probe6 (fifo_rd_valid). what should i do ? is there any way to confirm that whether DAC DMA is reading samples (stored in DDR memory ) or not ? or i need to write an application project ( Xilinx Vivado- export hardware-launch SDK -File-Application project- Helloworld.c ) ?? Note: i am using linux based project .attached are addresses of block design and ADC data captured by ILA BR

Block addresses.JPG
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