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Registered: ‎08-11-2019

Simulation Error: Readout Data from AXI_GP port

Hi one & all, 

Currently i'm working with AXI_GP port. Basically I need is to read and write my IP data through AXI signals.

I have made a custom IP and stored a sine wave signal data, and in the simulation part need to read & write data from AXI_GP port master and slave signal (you can see my simulation result in attached image) but somehow i have faced  some problem in simulation part, master & slave data are not in the original form of the wave that i actually want. Code that I used to change the orientation of data.(in verilog)


I can't understand what is the problem ..

PS: Yes, my custom IP ZYNQ Block diagram is synthesizable and it generate bit stream without any error.  

please refer my following simulation image..

Simulation resultSimulation result

Any Suggestions and guidance would be appreciated.



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