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Registered: ‎03-10-2019

Tri_mac RGMII half-duplex

When the Tri_Mac IP is configured as rgmii 1G with half duplex mode,  the axi_tuser will set indicate a error when rec a package , but when configuration with 100MB, this error will not occur with same package . I have read all statistical vector and register and no error occur. I just want ask the different with 1000M and 100M when in half duplex .

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@diankexiaobai ,

First find out if the Xilinx TEMAC supports half-duplex in Gb mode. I have never seen anyone using half-duplex in Gb mode for data communication (the speed adv given by Gb is then restricted, so why would anyone use).

But the IEEE 802.3 does not say it is not supported....

Gigabit Ethernet is an extension of the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standard. Gigabit Ethernet offers1000 Mbps of raw-data bandwidth while maintaining compatibility with Ethernet and Fast Ethernetnetwork devices. Gigabit Ethernet provides for new, full-duplex operating modes forswitch-to-switch and switch-to-end-station connections. It also permits half-duplex operating modesfor shared connections by using repeaters and CSMA/CD.

So my question is what is your motivation to set half-duplex in Gb mode?Do you really need it? What type of data are you aiming to exchange?

Answering your question...

I just want ask the different with 1000M and 100M when in half duplex .

It is just the speed which matters. The principle of data exchange remains the same. One side listens and the other side transfers and vice-versa, i.e. Tx and Rx are never buy at the same time.

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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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100MB is RMII? or MII?

1G RGMII and 100M MII have the different frequncy.

But if you only means to the packet data, maybe they're the same. Could you list the packet data you tested?

And if it's half duplex, please don't send anything when you're receiving the packet.

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