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Registered: ‎04-10-2019

Axi to Pcie Bridge Slave Port data transfer happens in one pc but not in other system

I am currently working on ML605 Board. I am using axi to pcie bridge version 1.09.a.

In some pc's i am able to transfer data from pc system ram to virtex 6 internal bram through axi cdma. But in most other systems axi cdma hangs when transferring data to/from axi slave port of pcie bridge.For debugging,i tried to communicate the slave port of axi pcie bridge using microblaze. I have seen that whichever pc cdma is hanging,there microbale is also hanging when communicating with axi to pcie bridge slave port. Is there any additional setting which i am missing,due to which pcie axi slave port is working in some pc's but not in other

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