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Visitor jacobzobbe
Registered: ‎03-01-2019

Keras compiler

Hallo, Im trying to run a Keras model on the U200, but when I try to compile it in Ml-suite I keep getting the error:

__init__() takes at least 2 arguments (1 given)


the compiler arguments im using are: 

# Compiler Arguments
config["model"] = "../home/jz/ml-suite/DogAndCatFPGA.model"
config["fpgacommands"] = "work/fpga.cmds" #compiler will generate FPGA instructions
config["memory"] = 5 # Available on-chip SRAM
config["dsp"] = 56 # Width of Systolic Array

compiler = xfdnnCompiler(
networkfile=config["model"], # Prototxt filename: input file
#anew=config["outmodel"], # Filename for optimized prototxt/caffemodel
generatefile=config["fpgacommands"], # Script filename: output file
memory=config["memory"], # Available on chip SRAM within xclbin
dsp=config["dsp"] # Rows in DSP systolic array within xclbin

At this point any help would be greatly appreciated

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