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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎08-06-2007

ML Suite v1.1 is now available

ML Suite v1.1 Release Notes

New Features:

  • Added Jupyter Notebook Support
  • New Jupyter Notebooks available:
    • Image Classification with Caffe
    • Using the xfDNN Compiler w/ a Caffe Model
    • Using the xfDNN Quantizer w/ a Caffe Model
    • Object Detection w/ YOLOv2 + Darknet to Caffe conversion
  • Image Classification Googlenet Demo for VCU1525
  • Enhanced Documentation with ML Suite Overview, Overlay Selector Guide and FAQ
  • Introducing Nimbix Support
  • Updated SDx DSA support to xilinx_vcu1525_dynamic_5_1 for VCU1525 and Nimbix

Bug fixes

  • AWS overlay names have been updated, removing 'aws' prefix
  • General Enhancements and Bug fixes for xfDNN Compiler/Quantizer
  • Batch Nom layers implementation corrected from Darknet
  • Default file permission fixed
  • Root dir issues involving "ml-suite" resolved
  • xdnn.execute api no longer needs images/batch argument
  • Quantizer updated to allow for custom file names for output files
  • xdnn_io updated to return 'none' if there are not FC layers in network

For Full release notes, please see:

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