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Registered: ‎06-14-2018

Crash when classify multi images

I have a server, looping over input to classify multiple images. The server will run OK for about 10-15 images then crash,


python: xmlrt.cpp:246: int XComputeUnit::computeImgDdrOffset(cl_mem): Assertion `imageMemPhys - _imgDdrBase < std::numeric_limits::max()' failed


The server will createHandle to fpga, load weights, and prepareOutput only once (as suggested in #23), then in the loop, for each image, I will call prepareInput and then execute.   Is this a cpp runtime bug, or, anything wrong with my sequence of operations?


I am using Ubuntu1604, VCU1525.    The issue has been submitted to GitHub, but I noticed that I am suggested to post question here first. 


Thanks you very much,


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